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The IPGR members represent now more than 12% of the world wide container glass production capacity.

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Bucher Emhart Glass

Bucher Emhart Glass

Bucher Emhart Glass is the worlds leading supplier of equipment, parts, services and advanced technology to the container glass industry.

Its products and services are required in all key stages of glass container production, including glass conditioning, forming, handling and inspection. Bucher Emhart Glass is an international company serving its global customer base with manufacturing, sales and service offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia.


Emhart Glass SA
Hinterbergstrasse 22
PO Box 5361
CH-6330 Cham / Switzerland

Phone: +41 41 749 42 00
Telefax: +41 41 749 42 71

Website: www.emhartglass.com



FEVISA is a Mexican private holding company dedicated to the design, production, sale and distribution of high quality glass containers in the North American market.

It operates two of the most modern state of the art glass container plants in the region, located strategically in Mexicali B.C and San Luis Potosi S.L.P Mexico, producing over 1,500 tons of container glass per day.

It employs in its various operations over 1,600 highly skilled people, in order to serve with a win win attitude the requirements of leading USA and Mexico industries, primarily in the Beer, Soft Drink, Wine, Tequila and food markets.


Km. 9 Carretera a San Felipe
Mexicali, B.C. México 21740

Phone (686)-9045400
            Ext: 2201
Telefax:(686) 9045404

Website: www.fevisa.com

Gallo Glass Company

Gallo Glass Company

Gallo Glass, established in 1958,
is a state-of-the-art highly-innovative
glass manufacturer committed to meeting
the needs of its customers while minimizing its impact on the environment. A California family-owned business for over 60 years, Gallo Glass is the largest glass plant in North America.

Dedicated to delivering service and quality to the wine & spirits industry, Gallo Glass is California' local, sustainable, and reliable glass supplier.

We are Gallo Glass | California Pure.
ISO 14001 | ISO 22000


Gallo Glass Company
P.O. 1230      
605 S. Santa Cruz Ave.
Modesto, CA95354
Contact: Nigel Dart, Vice President of Gallo Glass

Phone: 00-1-209-341-4527

E-mail: Nigel.Dart[at]ejgallo.com

Website www.galloglass.com

Nihon Yamamura Glass

Nihon Yamamura Glass

With more than 100 years of history, Nihon Yamamura Glass is the leading manufacturer of glass containers and related machineries in Japan.

Our business activities include manufacturing of plastic containers and caps, new glass materials for electronics and joint ventures companies (partners) throughout Asia.


15-1,  Nishimukojima-cho Amagasaki City,
Hyogo Prefecture Japan (zip code: 660-8580)

Phone: +81-6-4300-6000
Telefax: +81-6-4300-6381

Website: www.yamamura.co.jp

Orora Ltd.

Orora Limited

Orora Limited consists of Glass packaging, Wine closures, Beverage cans, Fibre packaging, Corrugated packaging, Paper and Recycling and a large distribution business:

  • 36 manufacturing sites
  • 79 distribution sites
  • Operations across seven countries
  • Approximately 5,700 employees
  • Revenue Aus $ 2,900 million


Orora Limited
48 Argent Road
South Australia
Person to contact: Greg Savage

Phone: +61 8 85 21 46 74
Fax: +61 4 00 51 87 50

E-Mail: greg.savage[at]ororagroup.com

Website: www.ororagroup.com

Sisecam Glass Packaging


Şişecam has started its activities as the first glass factory of Turkey in 1935 and consists of four main divisions, namely, flat glass, glass packaging, glass tableware and chemicals.

The glass packaging division produces glass packages for food, water, mineral water, milk, beer, wine and beverages including high alcohol ones as well as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics sectors and is among the leading glass packaging producers of Europe.

Glass Packaging is currently made in three countries with nine production facilities, of which three are at Istanbul, Mersin and Bursa Yenişehir.

Foreign production facilities are located in Georgia and Russia.


Şişecam (Glass Packaging Devision)
Is Kuleleri, Kule 3
80620 4 Levent
Istanbul Turkey

Person to contact: Abdullah Kilinc

Phone: +90 212 350 50 50
E-Mail: akilinc[at]sisecam.com

Website: www.sisecam.com

Stoelzle Glas Group


Stoelzle Glass Group is one of the leading European glass manufacturers and comprises of six production and 3 decoration facilities. The Group manufactures high quality speciality packaging glass for its four Business Units Pharma (Health & Safety), Spirits, Perfumery & Cosmetics, Consumer (Food & Beverages), which serve their clients worldwide.

The privately owned Glass Group takes advantage of more than 200 years of expertise in manufacturing. A clear focus has been set on improving sustainability by dedicated energy and raw material saving R&D initiatives, as well as digitalizing all production, sorting and decoration processes.


Stoelzle Oberglas Gmbh
Fabrikstraße 11
A-8580 Köflach

Phone: +43-3144-706
Email: office@stoelzle.com

Website: www.stoelzle.com

Vetropack Group

Vetropack Group

Vetropack is an independent, listed and family-owned company with about 3,200 employees having its group management based in Bülach (Switzerland).

With eight glass plants in Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Ukraine and Italy, and a production capacity of more than 4,600 tons Container glass per day, it is one of Europe’s leading container glass manufacturers for beverage and food industry.


Vetropack Holding AG
CH-8180 Bülach / Switzerland
Person to contact: Johann Reiter

Phone: +41 44 863 32 07

E-Mail: johann.reiter(at)vetropack.com

Website: www.vetropack.com 

Vidrala Group

Vidrala Group

Since it was installed in Llodio, (Alava - Spain) in 1965, the Vidrala Group has become a reference in our sector, especially due to its technological developments in the manufacturing process and finished product control.


Barrio Munegazo, 22
E-01400 LLODIO-Alava

Phone: +34 94 671 97 10
Telefax: +34 94 671 97 17

Website: www.vidrala.com



Wiegand-Glas is a private company with a history that dates back to 1570. The use of the latest production technology and the employment of highly skilled personnel made Wiegand-Glas one of Germany's most respected glass container manufacturers. Wiegand-Glas operates four plants in Steinbach am Wald (Bavaria), Ernstthal, Großbreitenbach and Schleusingen (Thuringia).


Wiegand-Glashüttenwerke GmbH
Otto-Wiegand-Straße 9
D-96361 Steinbach am Wald

Phone: +49 9263 80-0
Fax: +49 9263 80-1234

Website: www.wiegand-glas.de